Sunday, April 29, 2012

UC WEB : Powerful Web Browser for Java Mobile Phones

UC Web browser was kind of a late bloomer.
When you look at it, it's not as appealing or easy on the eyes as Opera Mini. The Homepage is cluttered with links and chinese letters and whatnot (with the exception of the Android Version, that one looks amazing). But you finally make up your mind to sit down and use it for a day, you are bound with it for the rest of your life.

The beauty of UC Browser is it's amazing usability. It is most suitable for a power user and the usability is equally great across all platforms. Some of the standard features include:

* Homepage Shortcuts
* Easily accessible Speed Dial shortcuts
* Multiple tab support
* Integrated File Manager
* Download Manager that is extremely fast in downloading. You can tweak download settings to increase speeds.
* Various themes. Night mode for reading with reduced brightness at night.
* Data Saving or Full Function Browse modes
* Save Pages for offline reading.
* A lot of shortcut keys. I LOVE the context menu (that can be accessed by just pressing '1'). Plus, if you're on a QWERTY handset, you get tons of shortcut keys to turbocharge your browsing sessions.
* Exhaustive list of preferences, that lets you change almost every aspect of browsing.

UC WEB has definitely improved. I remember first using it when it was a fugly little java application with chinese alphabets strewn all over the homepage that was also slow as hell to load. But now it's one of the first applications I install after a fresh reset of my phone (Be it my java phone, Symbian phone, or Android phone).

Download UC Web Browser for Java Mobiles.

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