Sunday, April 29, 2012

Opera Mini : Java Mobile Web Browser

Opera Mini is the best looking internet browser for Java mobile phones out there, hands down. It's been there right from the old days when mobile internet was in its infancy, that even now when we think 'mobile browser', we think Opera Mini.

So, why should you use Opera Mini? Let's find out:

* View Web Pages in their full glory. Web Pages are reproduced for the mobile screen faithfully,
* High degree of data compression, save on your data costs.
* Good Social Web integration.
* Opera Link lets you synchronize bookmarks across various platforms.
* Speed dials on the start page to let you visit your favorite pages with ease.
* Provision for saving pages so that they can read offline later.
* Standard browser features such as Bookmarks, History, Download Manager, etc. A "find in page" option that is not such a big deal, but is still missing in some of the competitors.

Quite an exhaustive feature set, and it should suffice for most normal users.
We'd like to see support for extensions in a future update, but that's definitely not a deal breaker as Opera Mini provides the smoothest browsing experience there is. And yes, the eye candy; Opera is definitely in a league of its own!

Eager to get it?

Download Opera Mini  Web Browser for FREE!

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