Monday, April 30, 2012

Mobile Java Applications to Send FREE SMS

There are numerous sites on the internet that allow you to send Free SMS online. When you are running low on credit and have GRPS access, you can just load up any of these and zap a quick message to your mates. Most of these sites have WAP versions, making the process a whole lot easier.

However, it is easier to just install a Java application to do the same as it can save you the hassle of actually visiting the said website, logging in, etc.. a lot of unnecessary clicks there.

There must be many Java apps for this purpose, but I'm listing three popular ones here that I could find out:

1. 160by2 : This used to be one of my favorite websites to visit and send a quick one, due to the simplicity of the site. Now they have a J2ME app that you can install to send free SMS over a GPRS connection.

Download the 160by2 FREE SMS app Right Here.

2. FullOnSMS : Another website that hjas been providing Free SMS for quite some time now.

Download FullOnSMS FREE SMS app Right Here.

3. GoText : GoText is a simple and lightweight Java app that lets mobile users send free SMS messages. You dont need a fancy phone, the official blurb says; You just need a handset that supports Java applications and a working GPRS connection.

Get the GoText Free SMS app Here.

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