Monday, April 30, 2012

Applications to Backup your Phone Book and other Important Data

The contact list is the single most important component of your phone if you have to deal with a lot of calls daily. Therefore it is a good idea to regularly back it up in case you lose all your contacts in some freak accident.
I recommend backing up not just your contacts but the entire phone (including applications if possible). But a computer need not be always available for this task. Therefore, check out these apps that will make your life easier by backing up your phonebook, and in some cases, other stuff too.

1. MobileBackup

Mobile Backup is a nifty little tool to Back up Mobile Contacts. It is free too.

MobileBackup can :

* Backup contacts, calendar, tasks to a human-readable text file
* Restore contacts, calendar, tasks from the text file
* Runs on most mobile phones (should support JSR-75 though)(
* Most characters supported (uses UTF-8 file encoding)

Download MobileBackup here

2. Bup Backup

Now here is a slightly more advanced backup tool. It goes the extra mile and backs up not only the contacts but the phone files as well.
Here's the complete list of features :

* Backup mobile contacts and send to your email (as vCard).
* Send all mobile photos to your email with one click (Bup remembers what photos have been sent and only sends the new photos each time you run it).
* Each time you backup, Bup remembers what contacts are already backed up and only send the latest changes - making it one of the fastest backup products. Bup also restores contacts to your new phone.
* Bup uses a secure encrypted SSL connection for your mobile contacts.
* After you use Bup from your phone, you can login to the website ( using your phone number and the PIN you selected. On the website you can upload or download contacts and change settings.
* If you lose your phone, login to the web site and click the "kill switch" under Account/Preferences - this will stop anyone else from downloading your contacts from your phone.

Bup used to be paid software but now it is available for free download.

Direct Download Bup Backup for Java Mobile Phones.


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