Sunday, April 29, 2012

Opera Mini Mod : The Best Java Mobile Browser for Power Users

Russian Modders... Gotta Love 'em!

I rarely use the official version of Opera Mini on my mobile phone. That is, since this one came along.

Opera Mini Mod is kind of an underground project by Russian Modders that took the classic version 2 Opera Mini app and added all kinds of bells and whistles to it.
The result? An extremely versatile and lightweight mobile browser app that lets you do almost everything, provided you know how to tweak it for each purpose.

Some of the features of the Opera Mini Mod include:

* Multiple tab support, long before the feature was introduced into official Opera mini.
* A powerful file manager that can also open most file formats and edit them.
* FTP Manager.
* Powerful download manager that supports resuming and downloading by lists.
* Backup/Restore Browsing Sessions
* Multi-Clipboard
* Save pages for offline reading.
* Custom Color Schemes, adjust, export, or import.
* Shadow Connection feature : this is required on some older Sony Ericsson handsets in which the GPRS connection is cut off if not used for sometime.
* Clear memory and cache manually.

The opera mini mod has a great set of features that it wouldn't be possible to list out all the features if I wanted. So you better download it and test it for yourself. If you are on an older phone I definitely recommend this one.

Download the Opera Mini Mod Hifi.

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