Monday, April 30, 2012

Qeep : Fun Social Network for your Mobile Phone

Qeep is a fun social network in which you can meet new people, chat with them, and engage in fun activities such as Multiplayer Gaming.

The features list is quite interesting :

* Game with anyone, anywhere : Apparently, you can challenge your buddies for casual one-on-one games that are a hell lot of fun. You can also play games for cash prizes. I'm in!
* Photoblog : Photoblogging is one of the most notable features of this app. See somethinginteresting? Just click a picture and upload to your personal photoblog for the world to see.
* Personalize your QEEP profile and pep it up so that it's easier for people to find you. Surf other users' profiles and find interesting people.
* Sound attacks : Another fun new feature, your friends can send you 'Sound Attacks'. These attacks can appear out of the blue without warning and are a lot of fun. Download and use the app yourself to find out :)

Download QEEP for your Java hamdset Here.

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